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Student Christian Movement of India

Contemporizing Faith into Action

Student Christian Movement of India

STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT OF INDIA: Contemporizing faith into praxis. The Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI), the oldest youth ecumenical organization of university students in India, formed in 1912, is marching towards celebrating 111 years of God’s faithfulness with a theme on “Eco-Justice.” SCMI is a students’ movement with Christian ethos, which maintains a fellowship of students, teachers, and senior friends with commitments to translate Christian Faith into action by contemporizing faith in Jesus Christ and discerning critically the signs of the times. Spread across 15 geographical regions, SCMI has, over the years, inspired several students across generations, regions, and languages to participate in transforming the Church and society. It has been nurturing the values of ecumenism, unity, peace, and justice and has been on a mission to shape young leaders with integrity and commitment.

SCMI encourages the inclusive partnership of all church traditions, people of all faiths, and various social, economic, and political expressions, including other youth ecumenical organizations like YWCA, YMCA, AICUF, etc. It is affiliated with the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), a global student federation of several SCMs, for mutual solidarity and networking. SCMI invites you to a wide range of experiences, including fellowship, group dynamics, and immersive experiences with marginalized communities. We offer a diverse range of learning opportunities through biblical reflection, social analysis, and cultural action.


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