Present Concerns

SCMI is a Continuing and ongoing Movement. Unlike other NGOs, we do not have a particular focus as a Movement but our concerns change according to the need of the time. We seek to work for justice and peace whenever and wherever it is denied thus taking interest in realising fuller humanity, and motivating the student community to develop leadership skills for transformative action in society. From the year 1935 to 1947 the Student Chrisitan Movement of India focused on Patriotism, Humanity and Faith.  SCM did not directly participate in the freedom struggle of India but made an effort to understand the political situation at the time (Colonisation, World War). From 1948 to 1950 SCMI focused on Nation Building. The youths of the country were faced with the harsh reality that Independence was not the end but just the means to develop the nation. SCM challenged the students to be involved in the issues of Poverty and Injustice. In the 1950s SCM focused on the political, social and economic responsibilities towards the nation. Many innovative projects of Social services with a focus on rural India were launched (Rural Service Squad).  In the 1960s the focus was shifted from social service to social action. The National office created programmes that were action-oriented. In the 1980s and the 90s, SCMI focused on minorities and other subaltern issues which expressed solidarity with the marginalised (Dalits and Adivasis) by actively participating in their struggles. Some of the struggles in which the SCMer of the time had participated were the Narmada Bachao Andolan, the land rights issues in Orrisa and the communal riots in Gujarat. Since the year 2000, SCMI focuses on various issues which include environmental issues, globalisation and so on. Currently, we focus on